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  “Ortyn & The Aliens” is a weekly half-hour, episodic TV series  
  designed to educate and entertain children of all ages.  

While the first season, as outlined below, deals mainly with science and astronomy, subsequent programming can be tailored to include any variety of school subjects… such as math, history, geography, etc. (Imagine Ortyn & The Aliens traveling back in time to visit with people like George Washington, Alexander the Great, Galileo or other major historical figures.)

The basic premise of this concept is that these four cute little ETs have a sincere desire to inspire and motivate kids to higher learning and achievement… that being educated is the “cool” thing to do.

Motivating kids to study and learn is always easier if teachers make the learning process fun.  And what’s more fun than being entertained by an awesome band playing excellent music?

So that’s the vehicle Ortyn & The Aliens have chosen to use… incredibly entertaining and instructive songs presented in each episode as a music video which can later be marketed independently for further profit.

Ortyn & The Aliens realize that the production costs of their show would require a somewhat greater investment than a typical “reality show”, for example. But, unlike most other formats, their series would be timeless… having a virtually endless life in re-runs.

It would also generate many ancillary streams of revenue such as books, motion pictures, radio & TV airplay royalties, I-Tunes & Amazon, etc. download royalties, ad revenues from YouTube and other web plays, sales of physical CDs & DVDs… toys, games, clothing, musical instruments, Halloween costumes and other licensed products… not to mention promotional items distributed by entities such as fast-food chains. The enormous profit potential of these and other additional revenue streams would exponentially recoup the initial production cost investment.

  Ortyn, Weldyn, Zeldyn and Myles come from the planet Nikton…  
  which is located in the Milky Way... about 50 light-years from Earth.  

12 year-old Virginia "Ginny" Stanley lives in Franklin, Kentucky. She’s the daughter of Sheriff Mark Stanley and the granddaughter of retired lunar astronaut, Admiral Biff Bradford.

For her school science fair project, Ginny constructs a radio transmitter with which she hopes to contact extraterrestrials. Not only doesn’t she win any prizes, but some of her schoolmates make fun of her belief that there's other intelligent life in the universe.

Later that night, when she’s alone in her room, she turns on her radio and sends out a message ("If Somewhere Someone's Out There") seeking contact with any ETs who might be listening.

Ortyn and his pals, Weldyn, Zeldyn and Myles, just happen to be cruising through our solar system and pick up her signal. They decide to investigate, hover high above Franklin and beam Ginny aboard. They take an immediate liking to her and she to them. She extends to them an invitation to visit planet Earth... and they eagerly accept... unaware that not every Earthling is as friendly as Ginny.

Life on Earth isn’t too easy for our alien friends… at least not at first. Eventually, however, with the help of Ginny & her Grandpa, all turns out well and Ortyn & The Aliens are welcomed to live here among us.

They decide to become teachers… to inspire the kids of Earth to enjoy learning by making it lots of fun. As every kid likes music, the Aliens incorporate original songs into their teaching method.

"Pluto's Still a Planet!"
is a feature-length motion picture concept.
It will tell the whole story of how Ortyn & The Aliens
came to planet Earth and became the band they are. 
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Each 30-minute episode features and is titled after one of Ortyn & The Aliens' songs.
Each song directly relates to the subject matter of that particular program
and is presented as a self-contained music video within the program.
This allows for marketing the music videos independently for an additional revenue stream.
(To read the lyrics of any song, click on its title.)

1 Hour Pilot Episode - Part 1 (30 minutes)

If Somewhere Someone’s Out There

(Meeting Ginny Stanley and learning about the search for extraterrestrials.)

Episode 7

Everything is Relative

(Learning about Professor Albert Einstein and his importance to science.)

1 Hour Pilot Episode - Part 2 (30 minutes)

We're Ortyn & The Aliens

(Ortyn & The Aliens preview Season 1.)

Episode 8

The Planetary Diet

(Learning about gravity and how much you'd weigh on different planets.)

Episode 2

The Cosmos & Carl Sagan

(Learning about Dr. Carl Sagan and his importance to astronomy.)

Episode 9

Playtime at the Martian Zoo

(Learning about what other life forms might exist beyond Earth.)

Episode 3

Big Bang Baloney

(Learning that theories aren't facts and that sometimes they're incorrect.)

Episode 10

Puppy Love on Saturn’s Rings

(Learning about Saturn's rings and other wonders of the solar system.)

Episode 4

Where Are You Comet Halley?

(Learning about comets and how they affect us.)

Episode 11

Pluto’s Still a Planet!

(Learning about what exactly makes a planet a planet.)

Episode 5

Anti-Matter Chatter

(Learning about matter in all its forms – physical and theoretical)

Episode 12

The Speed of Thought

(Learning about travel at the speed of light… and beyond)

Episode 6

Black Hole Patrol

(Learning about the origins and effects of black holes)

Episode 13

What Will We Leave Earth’s Children?

(Learning about keeping Earth’s environment livable.)

Click on any title to display the lyric sheet...
1.)  If Somewhere Someone’s Out There  
2.)  We’re Ortyn & The Aliens    
3.)  The Cosmos & Carl Sagan    
4.)  Pluto’s Still a Planet!    
5.)  Son Ortyn y Los Aliens (en Espańol)    
6.)  The Joy of Christmas Day    
7.)  We Wish You Happy Birthday!    
Music Credits: All Music & Lyrics by Damon Leigh (ASCAP) / Producer, Arranger & Conductor - David J. Siebels
Ortyn Lead Vocals - Damon Leigh / Aliens Vocals - Damon Leigh & Jennifer Stevenson
"If Somewhere Someone's Out There" - Lead Vocal - Hanna Rae Finchamp / Background Vocal - Jennifer Stevenson

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