Why hesitate?  Diverge our way.

You needn't wait.  There's no delay.

You'll soon be served at our buffet.

Welcome to The Mojo Café.


Here everything's not as it seems.

No one exists between extremes.

Mere mortals bend beneath our schemes

Nightly at The Mojo Café.

Until we've exposed who you are,
We'll never let you get very far.
You'll flit like an insect in a jar.
You bit the bait to twist your fate.
Just as each dog must have its day,
You'll star in our bizarre soirée.
We'll savor ev'ry word you say
Tonight at The Mojo Café.
Welcome to
The Mojo Café!
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Elizabeth Lamers - Vocalist Grant Geissman - Arranger & Producer
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