Picture drawn by Marleina (age 7) - 10/23/02

Letter to Uncle Damon from Marleina (Click to Enlarge)

Marleina & Lindsey (Click to enlarge)
Picture drawn by Lindsey (age 7) - 10/23/02 (Click to enlarge)
Letter to Uncle Damon from Lindsey (Click to Enlarge)

So very, very  long ago…

On a farm so far away

There lived a rooster named Brewster

Who thought he could make the day...

Very early every morning

While the world had sleepy eyes,

Brewster would start crowing

Until the Sun would rise...

He thought he was the greatest

And he acted very proud

As he boasted in the barnyard

(But he never drew a crowd)...

"I am the mighty Brewster…

I can turn night into day...

I wake the Sun up every morn

And I chase the dark away…

I only have to sing out loud

With my song so strong and deep

To shake the Sun up out of bed

And to put the Moon to sleep."

"Brewster, what if you are wrong?"

Asked pretty Gwen the Hen,

"If the Sun should rise without your song

Won't you feel foolish then?"

"I know that cannot happen,"

Said Brewster in reply,

"If I did not sing my song

The Sun would not light the sky!"

"I'm tired of hearing Brewster boast

Of how he is the top,"

Roger Goose told Pat the Pig,

"I just wish that he would stop!"

"He thinks he makes the world go around,

That's a silly idea of course,

The Sun will keep on rising

No matter what." said Harry the Horse.

"I think that we should teach him

That the world will always turn

And that he does not control it,"

Chuck the Duck quacked, "He must learn!”

"If we have to teach a lesson

Then we need to have a plan…

That would be nice," the Mice said twice,

"We need to have a plan."

"I think that I can handle that,"

Snorted Phil the Bull,

"I'm old and wise and clever

And my bag of tricks is full…

Let's meet again at midnight

And not a minute less…

He'll be asleep and I'll have a plan…

A plan that will be best."

"This seems like such a bother,"

Gobbled Turkey Tom, with a sigh,

"Why should we have to do anything?

Give me one good reason why!"

"We must tell Brewster what is true

And how his way offends."

Said Sam the Lamb… "I thought you knew

Such things must be said by friends."

"If we don't show him what is right

But pretend to go along,"

Mooed Wow the Cow, "Don't you see how

It is we who will be wrong?"

When twelve o'clock came that night

Brewster was fast asleep

But the others were all up and about…

They had their meeting to keep.

"This meeting now will come to order!"

Old Phil the Bull was stern.

"This matter must at last be solved…

Brewster's lesson must be learned.

I've been thinking for these many hours

Of a plan which we can choose.

Now listen to me… I think we'll agree

On a plan which we can use.

We all know Brewster's schedule…

He is as timely as a clock…

But if we all agree I think you will see

This morning he will have quite a shock.

My plan is very simple

And I think it will work just fine…

Before we go to bed we'll set his clock ahead

So he'll wake up at the wrong time!"

The animals gave their approval

Each with a nod of his head,

And on the stroke of two o'clock that night

They made it three instead.

When Brewster got up in the morning

He couldn't believe his eyes…

When he let out a crow for the darkness to go

It stayed there much to his surprise.

He crowed for half an hour

Then he gave up (not by choice)

It seemed he not only had lost his power…

But he also had lost his voice.

Brewster stood there in the darkness

For thirty minutes more

Then watched the Sun come up at last

Through a crack in the barn door.

When Gwen the Hen told Brewster

About what the others had done

He thought it was cruel and he felt like a fool

But Gwen said "You're taking it wrong.

Your friends really care

And they want you to see the error of your way.

So don't you be mad and don't you be sad…

Just go out to the barnyard and play."

Well Brewster thought it all over

And said "I'm glad that this was done

And lucky to have such good friends

To show me that I have been wrong."

They all lived happily ever after

And Brewster stopped his misbehaving…

But their silly plan was adopted by man

And that's why we have Daylight Saving!



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