On the first of December young Jennifer Rose

And Lindsey Christine donned their warm winter clothes

They were both so excited that morning to be

With their parents all going to shop for a tree


"It just wouldn't be Christmas"… their Mom liked to say

"Without all the symbols that stand for that day

Like beautiful stockings to hang by the fire

And fill with small presents to our hearts' desire


The bright merry twinkling of colorful lights

To warm up this season of cold winter nights

Friends' beautiful greetings on cards of good cheer

Arranged on the mantle like teams of reindeer


But oh most important… we mustn't forget

A fine Christmas tree for our family to get

So run out of the house and hop into the car

We'll search high and low… we'll look near and far"


Their good father once told them… "The eye of your mind

Can picture an object you're looking to find

So just you imagine what you'd like to see

To create the magic of what is to be"


So Mom… Dad and Lindsey… and Jennifer Rose

Set off for the tree farm where happiness grows

"It's hard to suppose what a Christmas would be"

Said Jennifer Rose… "with no Christmas tree


But Dad there's one problem"… she paused… then went on

"When Christmas is over our tree will be gone

The green of its needles"… she said with a tear

"Will turn dry and brown before the new year


It seems such a pity and it makes me feel sad

To know that our Christmas tree soon will go bad

So Lindsey and I have agreed with each other

And we have a favor to ask you and Mother


Instead of us chopping our Christmas tree down

Which will make us unhappy and make us both frown

We ask that you give us a gift that keeps giving

A real Christmas tree that is growing and living"


Dad smiled a big smile and Mom started to giggle

They all laughed so hard that they made the car jiggle

"My beautiful children"… said their Mom… "I can see

That the spirit of Christmas has filled us with glee


We'll get a real tree that's alive if you want it

And when Christmas is over then we can replant it"

Dad said… "We can do that… it won't be too hard

To transplant the tree out front in our yard"


So Jennifer Rose with her Mom… Dad and Lindsey

Arrived at the tree farm with hearts full of whimsy

There were so many trees all lined up in a row

But they'd all been cut down and could no longer grow


A man wearing mittens and a bright yellow coat

Said… "Hello can I help you"… while clearing his throat

Young Jennifer tugging on her father's sleeve

Said… "Daddy remember what we have agreed"


So her father spoke up and he asked that nice man

"Would you happen to have a small tree in a can?

We've talked it all over… my family and me

And decided that we'd like a live Christmas tree"


The man scratched his head after lifting his hat

Then said… "I'm afraid that you're too late for that

I did have some live trees that weren't very old

But I no longer have them as they have been sold"


When the girls heard him say that they started to cry

The man took off his mittens to wipe his own eyes

"I know that you feel bad but please don't be nervous

'Cause I give my customers all my best service


Now just you wait here while I look all around

To see if there's something that hasn't been found"

He was gone for one minute that seemed like an hour

Then returned with a smile like a bright summer flower


And what do you think he had clutched in his mitten

But a tree just as small as the tail on a kitten

Though its needles were green they were a bit pale

That's why no one had bought it when it was on sale


The man with the mittens gave that tree to the girls

Which made them both smile 'til their teeth shown like pearls

He turned to their Dad and said… "This one's on me

Since no one else wants it you can have it for free!"


So Jennifer Rose and Dad… Lindsey and Mom

Thanked him sincerely… then left to drive home

The girls were excited and found it hard waiting

To get their tree home to begin decorating


But when they arrived both the girls seemed to notice

That their tree looked as sad as a frog on a lotus

It didn't seem well… like it hadn't been cared for

But a tree can't explain the why and the wherefore


Their Mom said… "Don't fret I've been thinking a lot

What our Christmas tree needs is a big brand new pot

We can fill it with soil right up to the brim

And then water it down like it went for a swim


We'll feed it some plant food 'til it's had its fill of

And of course… most important… we'll give it some real love"

So the girls and their Mom they rolled up their sleeves

And they gave their small tree all the things a tree needs


"We can't decorate now… it's much too small"

Mom said… "Lights and ornaments might make it fall

But we have a few weeks before it's Christmas Eve

And if we care for it well it will grow I believe"


As the hour was late the girls went to their beds

Where Christmas-tree-dreams whirled around in their heads

The very next morning when the sun came to rise

And Lindsey and Jennifer wide-opened their eyes


They leaped out of their beds… to the kitchen ran down

To check up on their tree to see if it had grown

Their Mom was there waiting with a ruler in hand

And said… "It's grown two inches now isn't that grand


Set it out on the porch to bask in the sunshine

To make it grow taller and green at the same time

And please don't forget… my dear darling daughters

To give it much love and a little more water"


So day after day both the girls and their mother

Took care of their tree like it was their small brother

They all made it grow stronger and would you believe

It was ready to decorate by Christmas Eve


They put on some ornaments tinsel and lights

Then stood back to admire it with so much delight

The tree stood on its table so pretty and proud

As the family sang Christmas songs joyful and loud


They drank lots of eggnog then their father said

"You know Santa won't come until you've gone to bed

So give us a hug and kiss Mommy and me

And you'll know in the morning what's under our tree"


They went off to bed but first did what they'd planned

Left some cookies and milk for one jolly old man

They both fell asleep and slept well through the night

Then awoke Christmas morn with the sun shining bright


They ran down the stairs to see what they could see

And to play with the toys Santa left 'neath their tree

Their mother and father said they could not recall

A merrier Christmas had by one and all


Now that tree keeps on growing so strong and so sound

And unlike its poor cousins it's never turned brown

The girls are so happy to give it their care

And to know that for always it still will be there


When cold winter gives way to beautiful spring

This family will do a most wonderful thing

Out in their front yard a big hole they will dig

And they'll plant that strong tree that was once but a twig


Then forever and ever… for years and then some

When they see just how mighty that tree has become

They shall always remember how it came to be

The Merriest Little Christmas Tree!


Now your old Uncle Damon has run out of words

Save this best of all phrases that's ever been heard

Darling Jennifer Rose and sweet Lindsey my dear...

"Merry Christmas to you

and a Happy New Year!"




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