Have you ever fancied sailing

To an island far away

Where the people are so happy

All they want to do is play?


Where there are no tears of sadness

No scratched elbows nor scraped knees?

Where each day's as warm and cozy

As a bowl of mac 'n' cheese?


Where the hills are mounds of taffy

And the lakes are filled with pop

And the trees wear barks of chocolate

And the gardens grow gumdrops?


Where the world's as calm and peaceful

As has elsewhere ne'er been seen?

Where you'll lovingly be cared for

By a loving Cupcake Queen?...


If I told you that I live there

Would you say I'm off my bean

Or prevail on me to tell you

Of our lovely Cupcake Queen?


I can see that you're still waiting

As you've yet to leave the room

So I'll weave for you her story

Your keen mind will be my loom


Let's begin now if you're ready

At this moment on this page

Pay close attention and I'll try

To rightly set the stage ...


On Éclair Island in the Milkshake Sea

Where the Creampuff Minstrels sing

There was born a Cupcake Princess

To a round old Pound Cake King


Rest assured the king felt grateful

That by fate he had been blessed

He so deeply loved his darling girl

That he heaped on her his best


He knew someday she'd make the laws

To govern all the land

Her subjects would be subject to

Her dainty royal hand


Quite often softly he'd remind her

She should be like he

Kindhearted to the people

So to keep the people free


As all things pass away with time

The years went rolling by

And then one day the church bell tolled

To say the king had died


When an old king flies to Heaven

Someone young must take his place

His firstborn son succeeds him

Or his daughter in our case


Thus it was on Éclair Island

That our old king left the scene

And our precious Cupcake Princess

Rose to be our Cupcake Queen


Ever since her coronation

She has reigned with style and grace

I'm sure somewhere up in Heaven

There's a smile on our king's face


He'd be proud of his fine daughter

Who still honors his advice

To be kind to all the people

To treat everybody nice ...


If you've ever fancied sailing

To an island far away

Where the people are so happy

All they want to do is play


Where bright clouds of cotton candy

Paint amazing color schemes

As they shower rainbow sprinkles

 Down on mountains of ice cream


You should visit Éclair Island

Where the light of childhood gleams

There The Cupcake Queen awaits you

Every night in your sweet dreams


 - THE END -


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