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The sun started peeking upon a new day,
When young Lindsey awoke and said, “Hip! Hip! Hooray!”
She had every reason to shout and to cheer…
She’d been waiting, with patience, for this day all year.
She sprang from her bed and ran to the bathroom

Where she ever so thoroughly washed, brushed and groomed.

She felt so excited, she bubbled with glee

As she got herself ready for what was to be.


Just once every year, on this very same date,

Throughout all our great nation, in every great state,

Every dad, be he farmer, teacher or clerk,

Takes his dear daughter with him when he goes to work.


Now, Lindsey’s a girl who is really quite proud

Of her father’s profession.  She’ll tell you aloud,

Whether she knows you or you’re just a stranger,

“My Dad rescues people and saves them from danger!


He works very hard and that’s not always fun…

But if ever you need him, just call 9-1-1.

He’ll help anybody.  He’ll do all he can.

He’s courageous and fearless.  He’s your fireman!”


So Lindsey got dressed from her head to her feet,

Then popped into the kitchen for something to eat.

For breakfast, her Mom cooked what Lindsey liked most…

Crispy bacon, poached eggs and a slice of French toast.


Her Dad sipped hot coffee, while reading the news.

Her silly cat, Timmy, pulled the strings on her shoes.

Her good old dog, Toby, sat begging for food…

That she gave and he swallowed without having chewed!


Then, in a short while, just when breakfast was done,

After all that long wait, the time had, at last, come

For Daddy and Lindsey to kiss Mom goodbye

And jump into Dad’s truck… to the firehouse to fly!


It didn’t take long to drive those few short miles

To arrive at the station and see all the smiles.

There were so many girls… maybe a dozen…

Just like a big family where each was your cousin.


There was Ashley, Sarah, Amanda and Jane.

There was Emma and Jordan and Kylee and Shane.

There was Audrey, Shelby, Danielle and Camille.

And when Lindsey first saw them, she let out a squeal!


“My friends, I’m so happy to find you all here.

I’ve been wishing and waiting for this day all year.

I just know that before this great day is all done,

All together we’ll all have just oodles of fun!”


The workday began at the hour of eight.

Everybody was present and no one came late.

The Chief took attendance by calling the roll,

Then the flag was raised up to the top of the pole.


The firefighters got busy with all their chores,

While the girls started sweeping and mopping the floors.

With all that hard work, there was not one complaint.

They washed down all the fire trucks and shined up the paint.


They fixed their equipment to work like a charm,

To be ready to answer the next fire alarm.

Though a fire means danger, firefighters aren’t scared.

They all know what to do, and they’re always prepared!


Lindsey stopped by the office to swipe a mop,

When she happened to see someone walk with a hop.

That person was Firefighter Melodie Jones.

It seemed her only job was to answer the phones.


A few days before, she’d been fighting a fire

When she slipped on some water, tripped over a wire,

Lost her balance, then fell and suffered some harm…

She sprained her right ankle and she broke her left arm.


A firefighter’s work must come first… never last…

So no matter her arm was set in a cast,

And despite any pain from her broken bones,

Back to work every day came brave Firefighter Jones!


With everyone busy, the morning flew past.

Just as they grew hungry, it was lunchtime at last.

There was lots of good food… yes, all that you please.

There was soup and grilled sandwiches of ham and cheese.


There were burgers and fries, a pot of baked beans…

There was pizza, spaghetti and fresh salad greens.

There was so much food; you could eat till you hurt,

But the girls all made sure they saved room for dessert!


They had no idea their dads planned to surprise…

Till they saw that dessert with their big hungry eyes.

A treat any tastier no one could make…

Sweet vanilla ice cream on strawberry shortcake!


With lunch hour done, came the time to clean up,

So they washed all the dishes and glasses and cups.

Then they dried them all off and put them away,

And looked forward to having some time for some play.


But just as they finished, the telephone rang,

The siren went off and the fire bell clanged!

The firefighters all scrambled into their suits,

Put on their fire helmets and slid into their boots.


They started the engines of their fire trucks,

As they clambered aboard like a gaggle of ducks.

The Chief gave this order to Firefighter Jones:

“Take good care of our daughters until we get home.


This fire is raging… the girls ought to stay.

So please keep them here with you… far out of harm’s way.”

The firefighters took off in a big cloud of dust,

As they sped toward that fire in a terrible rush.


The station grew still as the girls sat around.

There was hardly a peep heard… no, nary a sound.

Those girls were worried, but you’d never know it.

They all wore brave faces… so as not to show it.


They passed their time waiting, an hour, then more,

When a cute little boy ran in through the front door.

He was quite upset… that was easy to see.

He panted and shouted: “My cat’s stuck up a tree!”


“She’s just a young kitten,”  he said with a frown,

“She climbed up there herself, but cannot get down!

I remember once seeing, on my TV,

How a firefighter rescued a cat from a tree.


So that’s why I’ve come here… to ask for your help.

I have tried but I can’t climb that big tree myself.”

Right then, all the girls looked to Firefighter Jones.

(You remember… the person who’d broken her bones?)


But she said, “I’m sorry, you’ll just have to wait.

The firefighters are gone and won’t be back till late.

Even if I could come, I can’t climb a tree.

My left arm’s in a cast… it’s of no use to me.”


The kids felt so sad… but they all understood

That Ms. Jones couldn’t help; there was no way she could.

So Lindsey spoke up and said: “Girls, follow me!

We are going to rescue a cat from a tree!”


They all took off running… that boy led them back

To his house and the tree that imprisoned his cat!

As it was late autumn, that tree had no leaves…

Lindsey spotted the cat and then rolled up her sleeves.


She wiggled and shinnied straight up that tall tree,

Till she reached the scared kitten and said: “Come to me.”

She snuggled that kitten right under her shirt,

Then climbed back down with care… so it wouldn’t get hurt.


No sooner had Lindsey’s feet touched the hard ground,

Well then, up from those kids rose the mightiest sound!

The girls started cheering and shouting: “Hooray!”
And the boy wiped his tears and said: “What can I say?

You’ve done me a favor I’ll never forget.

You’ve just saved the life of my favorite pet!

You’ve made this sad tale wind up with the best end.

It’s an honor and privilege to call you my friend.


So Lindsey, whatever your need it may be,

I sure hope you’ll remember to call upon me.

No matter wherever, how far or how wide,

I will come in an instant to stand by your side!”


The girls then marched back to their fire station

As they giggled with gladness and celebration.

The firefighters were home, just having returned,

And it didn’t take long for them all to have learned


Where their daughters had gone and what they had seen…

And how bold and heroic young Lindsey had been.

Now, Lindsey’s so shy that she blushed just because

The firefighters all gave her a round of applause.


Her Dad was so proud of her, he nearly cried,

And the Chief said: “Such bravery can’t be denied!

I bestow upon you our highest award…

Though the saving of life is its own reward.”


The Chief gave Lindsey a beautiful medal,

As shiny and bright as a new copper kettle.

She smiled like a sunbeam.  Her heart filled with joy

As she thought of that kitten and of that young boy.


Everyone gave her, that day at the station,

Their warmest and heartiest congratulations.

Then the Chief said: “I proclaim to the world

From this day on, Lindsey, you’re a real firegirl!”


 - THE END -

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