I remember well

We were talking at a party

Drinking wine and laughing hearty

What a tale you tell

I was by myself

You flew in from someone's somewhere

Threw a look that sent me out there

I remember well


'Twas the last night of December

As we shared our thoughts together

I was into you were into me

Raised a glass to friends in good cheer

Kissed and wished a Happy New Year

And the start of all good things to be


He blew in from out of nowhere

Did his number as we stood there

He was into you for me to see

How he laid his arm around you

How he made himself surround you

How he said to you "It's time we leave!"


I remember well

What your eyes were saying to me

While he tried to stare right through me

Nothing more to tell


I was by myself

You flew off to someone's somewhere

Hope someday I find you out there

And you're by yourself

I remember well

I remember well

Jack Chipman
Jack Chipman - Composer
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