Damon Leigh
Here's what 'Mr. Charles H.' of Philadelphia, a listener to WYYR.com's "Big Band Broadcast" had to say:
"Priscilla was very taken by Damon Leigh's voice, as am I!  I would kill for a voice like that!
I would gladly trade my 'Philadelphia Twang' for that urbane, sophisticated sound of Damon Leigh!" 
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Chef Damiano's Papa Cantella Jingles
La Sausage Ŕ Mobile  
Ď Sausage Mio  
Sausage Lucia  
Pizza Mezzo Mare  
Sausage FuniculÓ  
Ď Solo Mio  
El Chorizo Lindo  
Sausage Sorrento  
Damon Leigh as "Chef Damiano Leone" on QVC TV
Damon Leigh as "Chef Damiano Leone" on QVC-TV (11 August 2008)

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