#1 Most Wanted
I Love This Land
Don't You Bother Tryin' Changin' Me
Break Into My Heart
I'm Gonna Do Jay Leno Tonight!
Get Along!
Heart Full of Ashes
Dear Diana
I'm So Broke (That I Can Hardly Pay Attention)
My Only Vice Is You
Nobody Knows My Name
from the motion picture "Selfie Dad" (2020)
Corinne DeVries
(Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
Hard Time
Dave Siebels & Friends
Lead Vocal by Vangie Gunn
(Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
Is The Place That Holds My Heart
Corinne DeVries
(Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Damon Leigh & Dave Siebels)
Buy American!
Frank Morris & The Anglin Brothers
(Music & Lyrics: Damon Leigh)
My Stupid Tattoo
Tony Galla
(Video & Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
My Stupid Tattoo 
Pat Boone
(Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
The Soul of JFK
Corinne DeVries
(Video & Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
For Our Heroes
Tony Galla
(Video & Lyrics: Damon Leigh / Music: Dave Siebels)
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Welcome to Planet Nikton!
We're Ortyn & The Aliens
Pluto's Still a Planet!
Son Ortyn y Los Aliens
If Somewhere Someone's Out There
Ortyn & The Aliens TV Theme
The Cosmos & Carl Sagan
Our Yankee Doodle Presidents
The Joy of Christmas Day
We Wish You Happy Birthday!
The Spelling Bee Song
(The Spelling Bee Song)
Stardusk on the Trail
This song is lovingly dedicated to Mr. Herb Jeffries (1913-2014).  As "The Bronze Buckaroo", He (on his faithful horse, "Stardusk")
blazed an historic trail across the pages of cinematic history by starring in America's first "All Colored Cast" singing cowboy movies.
Mr. Jeffries broke the "color barrier" in Hollywood in 1937 - ten years before the immortal Jackie Robinson did the same in baseball.
American Anthem
(God Preserve Our Noble Nation)
(Vocal by Geri Robak)
American Anthem
(God Preserve Our Noble Nation)
(Vocal by Tony Galla)
Skinny Blondes in Blue Jeans
Yanked Down Under
Good Enough for Jesus
500 Miles to Glory
Carry On for Me
Together... As One
Insieme Come Uno
Save the Boy Scouts
Sweet Dream
I Never Met a Stranger at Christmastime
Buy American!
Let Me Love You with a Song
 This was Damon Leigh's first recorded lyric. The demo was produced in November 1976.
Composer Bob Alcivar was both producer and keyboard player. The fabulous Geri Robak performed the vocal.
(Special thanks to Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys for lending us his session players.)
Songs written with
Larry Ramos
My Stupid Tattoo
For Our Heroes
God is the Glory!
The Soul of JFK
Just as Long as I Believe
Mientras Yo Pueda Creer
Warrior Princess
His Light Is Shining On
Film at Eleven 
Burger City
Larger Than Life
Hot Lady
As Hot in the Dark
My Way on My Own
Yesterday's Not Happening Anymore
Till It's Yesterday Once More
Don't Stop Me Now
I Remember Well
Just Like A Child
Love Is The Thing
Let Your Love Begin Today
Put Your Arms Around Me
"Caruso" by Lucio Dalla 
No One But You
"Vivo Per Lei" by Valerio Zelli, Mauro Mengalli & Gatto Panceri 
Puccini's Lullaby
"O Mio Babbino Caro" by Giacomo Puccini & Giovacchino Forzano 
Shed Not Your Tears For Me
"Una Furtiva Lagrima" by Gaetano Donizetti & Felice Romani
Sweet Dream 
 “Nocturne in E-flat Major” by Frédéric François Chopin
"Voglio Restare Così" by Andrea Bocelli 
You Are My Life
"Nasceremo" by Marco Rinalduzzi, Massimo Calabrese & Giorgia Todrani
Time Must Fly
"Alba" by Marco Rinalduzzi, Massimo Calabrese & Giorgia Todrani
Take Me Away
"Silenzioso Amore" by Giorgia Todrani & Massimo Zuccaroli
Be Mine
"E Poi" by Giorgia Todrani, Massimo Calabrese & Marco Rinalduzzi
Love's Not Forever
"Senza Segreti" by Giorgia Todrani, Massimo Calabrese & Marco Rinalduzzi
I'll Go On Loving You
"Strano il Mio Destino" by Giorgia Todrani & Maurizio Fabrizio
"Vorrei" by Giorgia Todrani, Massimo Calabrese & Marco Rinalduzzi
Dancing to Love's Music
"Un Amore da Favola" by Giorgia Todrani & Fabio Massimo Colasanti
In My Fantasy
"Nella Fantasia" by Ennio Morricone & Chiara Ferrau
Mister Macho
"Uomo Nero" by G. Todrani, M. Calabrese, M. Rinalduzzi & F. Sinigaglia
The Mojo Café
Cast & Crew of "The Mojo Café"
The Mojo Café
Main Title Theme Song
Down in Flames
Also from The Mojo Café (2004)
Selfie Dad
Nobody Knows My Name
Written for the Motion Picture: "Selfie Dad"
Damon Leigh
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Here's what 'Mr. Charles H.' of Philadelphia, a listener to WYYR.com's "Big Band Broadcast" had to say:
"Priscilla was very taken by Damon Leigh's voice, as am I!  I would kill for a voice like that!
I would gladly trade my 'Philadelphia Twang' for that urbane, sophisticated sound of Damon Leigh!" 
  Uncle Damon & Ysabella Alley (Little Yzzy)  
  Marleina Taix & Lindsey Momsen  
  Jennifer Rose  Momsen & friends  
The Merriest Little Christmas Tree
Lindsey the Firegirl
Brewster the Rooster
The Cupcake Queen
Our Little Friend Toby
Kids' Letters to Uncle Damon
The Joy of Christmas Day
Performed by The La Crescenta Elementary School Bulldogs Chorus - December 18, 2001
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Music & Lyrics ©2009 Damon Leigh (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved
Lindsey Momsen (CVHS Class of 2012)
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CVHS Lyrics ©2009 Damon Leigh (ASCAP) / Music Derived from the Public Domain
All Rights Reserved
We'll make you a sausage you can't refuse!   
Damon Leigh as "Chef Damiano Leone" on QVC TV
Chef Damiano's Papa Cantella Jingles
La Sausage è Mobile  
Ò Sausage Mio  
Sausage Lucia  
Pizza Mezzo Mare  
Sausage Funiculà  
Ò Solo Mio  
El Chorizo Lindo  
Sausage Sorrento  
(Amy’s Kitchen 30-Second Afternoon Drive-Time Radio Spot)
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Do you really want to waste what’s left of your day
cooking up some capillary-clogging casserole?
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With Amy’s it’s easy to do!
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